PSHB: Boost Tree Immunity

Building Nutritious Soil under PSHB infested trees

Healthy soils reduce the risk of disease and pests in plants, including trees. Building or growing healthy soil is thus the best long-term boost to our urban trees, including reducing the effects of PSHB borer infestations. How can one create healthy soil? Despite the differences between trees and their individual needs most experts agree that…

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PSHB: Towards a State of Emergency

PSHB Infested Tree In Norwood

Your PSHB Infested Tree is stressed and you want to save it. Below are examples of interventions in Johannesburg that hopefully serve as an incentive for you to save as many of your infested trees as possible. Before I do so, it is helpful to know why some trees are infested while others in the…

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PSHB: What to do with dead trees

Biochar held in a hand

Your PSHB Infested Tree has died and you are heart broken. You may want to consider one of the following as a fitting farewell:  It can be burnt and the ash used to sweeten acidic soil or compost  It can be chipped and solarised, naturally or mechanically, and used as mulch  It can…

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